Live, work, meet and play in the heart of Birmingham.

The historic industrial icon that generated electricity for over a century is now the city’s high-end destination for over 40,000 square feet of entertainment, food and beverage, office and retail space for lease.
A more casual place to play, shop, work out and dine with over 50,000 square feet of entertainment, food and beverage, office and retail space for lease.

Birmingham, AL

Centrally located.
Easy to reach.

Birmingham has long been the geographic center of the South. A transportation hub where rails and roads shuttled goods from field and factory to points far and wide.
Birmingham Stats
Since 2010, the award-winning Railroad Park has become one of the brightest jewels in Birmingham’s civic crown, playing host to cultural events, food festivals and everyday relaxation. With the addition of Regions Field, thousands of new apartments, restaurants, and hundreds of businesses neighboring the park, the Parkside district has become Birmingham’s urban lifestyle core.
Railroad Park
Regions Field

Regions Field

Home to the Birmingham Barons baseball team, this state-of-the-art ballpark continues to host around 400,000 visitors annually. It’s the perfect place for family and friends from all over the city to share America’s pastime together, too.

Powell Avenue Steam Plant

Negro Southern League Museum

Birmingham is a city reconciling its future with its past, and the Negro League Museum presents the proud legends of Rickwood Field next to the bright hopes of Regions Field.

Good People Brewing Co.

Good People
Brewing Co.

In a city often defined by its food, Good People Brewing Co. spearheaded a beer renaissance, creating nationally beloved—and more importantly, delicious—ales in the heart of the South.

Powell Avenue Steam Plant

Powell Steam Plant

The historic plant that powered the burgeoning Magic City more than one century ago is getting a second chance. Click the link below to learn more about the history of this Parkside landmark.

Merita Bread Factory

Bakers Row

The former Merita bakery provides the district with office spaces and a restaurant that overlooks Railroad Park and Regions Field.

Light Rails Underpass

Birmingham Lights

International light artist Bill FitzGibbons installed a gorgeous spectrum of LED lights to illuminate the viaducts connecting north and south, creating a little piece of magic called LightRails.

Publix at 20 Midtown

Publix at 20 Midtown

Downtown Birmingham had been without a full service grocery for decades. Now at the corner of 20th Street and Third Avenue South is one of the city’s best retail hubs.

LIV Parkside

Over 1600 Residential Units

A cornerstone of Parkside’s future as a mixed-use district are all of the immediately accessible multi-family residences. People are calling Parkside home.

Central to the City

Located in the heart of downtown Birmingham — bounded on the north by Railroad Park, the south by 4th Avenue South and the Medical District, the east by 20th Street South, and the west by I-65 — the Parkside District is the versatile mixed-use district that the Magic City has always needed.

An urban living experience.
Home to national retail.
Award-winning Railroad Park.
First-rate restaurants and breweries.
Game day action at Regions Field.

The Urban Connector

Parkside plays a lead role in the rebirth of Birmingham. Central to the whole city, it links important green spaces and neighborhoods from east to west—north to south. Parkside is the urban trail head for the Jones Valley Trail.
Birmingham is made up of 99 neighborhoods and 23 communities—a prosperous vision laid out in Freshwater Landtrust’s Red Rock Trail System. Learn more about its 700 miles of planned connection.

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