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Tom Leader Returns to Parkside

Orchestra Partners and landscape architect Tom Leader are developing a new master plan for the Parkside District that is geared to enhance walkability between commercial and residential communities anchored by the redevelopment of the former coal burning steam plant and other nearby World War II-era warehouse properties. by Hanno van der Bijl Read More at [...]

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Plan For Connection Announced

Orchestra Partners has joined forces with nationally renowned landscape architect Tom Leader to design a Parkside master plan to enhance walkability and connect the Parkside District to surrounding neighborhoods. This project includes historic preservation and mixed-use redevelopment plans for Powell Avenue Steam Plant and several historic warehouse buildings west of Railroad Park surrounding Good [...]

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Within a few blocks of Powell Avenue Steam plant, there are new hotels, restaurants, residences and offices rising, with more projects on the horizon. Here are some highlights: Denham Building – The historic warehouse complex, close to Interstate 65, is being restored into a mixed-use development with offices, residences and retail. Bakers Row – [...]

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Preliminary work to stabilize and protect the historic Powell Avenue Steam Plant has been a careful, meticulous and deliberate process, and it is now complete. The complicated process began about four years ago, after the plant was officially decommissioned. Among the tasks: carefully removing and preserving historic equipment, reroofing the structure, stabilizing and protecting [...]

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As work continues to restore and re-imagine the historic Powell Avenue Steam plant, the surrounding Parkside neighborhood and much of downtown Birmingham continues to experience growth and revitalization – much of it revolving around the redevelopment of historic structures. Here are a few of the most recent restoration highlights: The Lyric Theatre, built in [...]

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Reclaiming History – Negro League Baseball Museum

Few men alive are part of the living history of America’s Pastime the way Oliver “Son” Ferguson is. At 94, he is one of the last of a dying breed, men who came up in the industrial baseball leagues of a tough steel town and went on to play professional baseball before the color barrier [...]

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LIV Parkside $30 million apartment and retail project starts construction in Birmingham

The $30 million LIV Parkside across from Birmingham Railroad Park will move from the drawing board to reality Monday when it becomes the first of the announced apartment developments in the area to break ground. The six-story LIV Parkside is being built across First Avenue South from the $19 million Railroad Park between 17th Street [...]

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