Tom Leader Returns to Parkside

Orchestra Partners and landscape architect Tom Leader are developing a new master plan for the Parkside District that is geared to enhance walkability between commercial and residential communities anchored by the redevelopment of the former coal burning steam plant and other nearby World War II-era warehouse properties. by Hanno van der Bijl Read More at [...]

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Plan For Connection Announced

Orchestra Partners has joined forces with nationally renowned landscape architect Tom Leader to design a Parkside master plan to enhance walkability and connect the Parkside District to surrounding neighborhoods. This project includes historic preservation and mixed-use redevelopment plans for Powell Avenue Steam Plant and several historic warehouse buildings west of Railroad Park surrounding Good [...]

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Within a few blocks of Powell Avenue Steam plant, there are new hotels, restaurants, residences and offices rising, with more projects on the horizon. Here are some highlights: Denham Building – The historic warehouse complex, close to Interstate 65, is being restored into a mixed-use development with offices, residences and retail. Bakers Row – [...]

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Winter Storm Benji, a couple weeks back, draped Birmingham in a surprising blanket of pre-Christmas snow. For a lot of folks in north-central Alabama, it meant a very rare snow day, and a chance to play – briefly – in a winter wonderland. In the surrounding Parkside neighborhood, downtown Birmingham loft-dwellers made a beeline [...]

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