The vision for Parkside East and West is to capture the essence of Birmingham by creating a district which stitches back connections from east to west and north to south. It is our goal – Orchestra Partners, Alabama Power Company, Tom Leader Studio – to craft a place that brings people together in an environment that pays tribute to the region’s rich industrial past, yet is also fresh, vibrant and new. One that creates a catalyst for connection and progress and prosperity for all.

Birmingham’s Newest Destination
for Food, Fun and Fitness.

Urban Supply is designed to accommodate +/- 100,000 square feet of commercial space adjacent to the already popular Good People Brewery. Historic warehouses are being renovated into modern environments. One complex is being designed specifically for fitness and wellness-focused businesses while another will become a hub for Birmingham’s most original chefs and restaurants. 

Food and beverage alongside fitness, fashion and outdoor retailers will serve nearby residents, UAB students and downtown professionals seeking an urban experience where study spots, art installations and green spaces bring everyone together.

Market Center

Drawing on the history and heritage of the buildings that were originally grocery supply warehouses, The market center will be where local restaurants and restauranteurs find dynamic spaces focused on promoting the food of our city. 

This complex of bars, restaurants and event venues will bridge 13th Street S and spill into the back alleyway.  An alleyway we’re re-imagining into exciting, dynamic outdoor spaces where people from all over the city can come together savor and experience the best of Birmingham. 

Fitness Center

Urban Supply will become the hub of activity for fitness, fitness-focused businesses and a gathering place for active lifestyles. 

The fitness center at Urban Supply is the reimagining of old warehouses into dynamic retail and studio space around a shared locker room. With room for up to five tenants, spaces are perfect for a bicycle or running shop, yoga studio or traditional fitness facility. The locker room keeps each tenant from building their own. Up front, architecture is open, bright and vibrant with community space for a pop-up juice bar, snack space or other creative use. 

Powell Steam Plant

Our plan calls for a renovated Powell Avenue Steam Plant to become an exciting entertainment venue designed for movies, music, events, retail, restaurants and more.

On the adjacent lot, the plan calls for a bold, monumental structure with contemporary details. The building moves from open public spaces up into one of the city’s finest hotel and into exclusive apartment residences.
Between the two, Powell Avenue will be closed to cars except those that may be accessing the hotel and nearby restaurants. The street will become a place for food trucks, impromptu performances, art shows and other public gatherings for all to attend.

A revitalized Steam Plant provides +/- 85,000 square-feet of dynamic entertainment space set within the historic structure that dates to the beginnings of Birmingham. There will be additional commercial space available in the new building planned for the adjacent lot.

The Powell Avenue Steam Plant

A Truly Historic Building